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Why do I need a spa cover?
There are many reasons for using a spa cover. 
A good quality spa cover will keep your spa cleaner by preventing debris landing in your spa. 
It will also help retain heat therefore saving you lots on heating bills.
It will prevent water and chemical evaporation.
Restrict access of children or animals
Prolong the life of your spa
Protect your controller from little fingers.

What is the standard cover loading?
Minimum is 35kg and this can be upgraded to a higher density foam to withstand more weight and harsher conditions.  

How many locks are there on a spa?
Lagoona Spa Covers are made with either four or six locks with reinforced straps for added safety - a real must for families with children.   We can match the straps to your spa cover colour. 

What are Lagoona Spa Covers made of?
We use only the best quality, heavy-duty marine vinyl that includes aluminium channels for extra strength and durability. 

I don't know the make or brand of my spa and not sure how to measure.   How do I order my spa cover?
Mike Bailey will either visit for an onsite inspection if required, or CLICK HERE to download our "how to measure your spa" plan.

What sizes and shapes can Lagoona manufacturer?
We can make to any shape or size.   You can send us your measurements or we will come to you if required.

Is there a warranty on my new spa cover?
Yes - we have a follow up service, and we also offer a 12 month warranty under normal wear and tear conditions.

Do you really manufacture locally in Lilydale?
Yes, absolutely.   Come and visit us at our factory at 19 Industrial Park Drive, Beresford Rd, Lilydale





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