Lagoona Spa Covers, manufacturers of vinyl covers for spas, pool tables and barbecues, Lilydale, Vitctoria



For QUALITY, AUSTRALIAN MADE SPA COVERS look no further than Lagoona. 

LAGOONA SPA COVERS has been making spa covers at our Lilydale factory since 1997, using only the highest quality marine vinyl.  

We can make your spa cover in standard density or higher density foam upgrade to withstand more weight and harsher wear conditions.


We make to your specifications.    If you're worried about getting your measurements right, Mike Bailey is happy to come to you if required to measure your spa, so you can rest assured your cover will fit.



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Lagoona Spa Covers, australian made, Lilydale, Victoria, Australia

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LAGOONA SPA COVERS, Director Mike Bailey. 19 Industrial Park Drive, Beresford Road, Lilydale Vic 3140.  T (03) 9735 0600